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We believe all members of our school community work best when they feel respected. We know that responsibility can be very empowering. We expect everyone in our school to take responsibility for themselves. Staff work hard to be role models for student learners.
At the short stay school we work with learners to enable them to make good choices and manage their behaviour. There are always staff around to support students who are facing challenges.
We create calm, caring and supportive environments that can create a purposeful learning environment. The school has a flexible approach and can adapt to meet the needs of different cohort groups.
Behaviour skills and strategies and taught and discussed regularly at the short stay school. This helps students to accept responsibility for behaviour and to accept that all behaviour has a consequence, which can be positive or negative.


Our rules

our school rules are simple -

We expect everyone to 

​be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing

Why does the behaviour of some learners escalate so quickly?

Behaviour specialist, Paul Dix from Pivotal Education, discusses why some learners go from 0 to 100 mph so quickly. Transcript I met Robert who had no understanding of his own anger at all, I walked up to Robert, I said to him "Robert can you take your coat off please?"