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At the Short Stay School we recognise that learners have already experienced the sanction of fixed term exclusion. Some learners are at the school as they have met the criteria for permanent exclusion from their mainstream school. In general exclusion has not been a factor in assisting these learners to improve their behaviour.


Exclusion can bring a sense of rejection and carry a hidden messages for learners and families. It can be interpreted in many different ways, 'I'm too naughty/hard/bad  for the school', 'school has given up on me'. On occasions the fresh start, in a new setting, does enable success for a learner.


We do have the right to use fixed term and permanent exclusion in our school. 

We try to avoid using fixed term exclusion as a sanction as it does not generally enable a learner to improve behaviour. Where ever possible off site mentoring and 1:1 reflection is used to allow the learner to reflect and prepare to repair harm and make better choices in future.


There are occasions where a short fixed term exclusion is used to allow the school to regroup and complete a risk assessment or reparation work with other learners.


There have been no permanent exclusions from the North West Short Stay School and no learners have been transferred on managed moves. We believe that an exclusion from the Short Stay School will not help a learner to improve their behaviour and can re inforce a sense of rejection.