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Trainee Teachers

Each term we host some trainee teachers from the Teach South East Teaching School and the SEND Teaching School. 

Here is some of their feedback.

Just wanted to say thank you for today. A brilliant eye opener of what can be achieved even with tricky students. Everyone was so welcoming and open. I had some great conversations about strategies and ideas. Such a calm and friendly environment, ready to encourage learning. One day I hope to be as good as the teachers at NWSSSS.

Thanks again
To Jo and everyone at the Kingsway Centre,
I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for today. In all honesty I can say it has been one of my favourite days since starting my teacher training course in September (and not just because I got to play football all afternoon!). 
It was a fantastic experience to observe such a different environment to the one I have been teaching in, and the techniques, attitudes and approaches I witnessed will definitely be of benefit to me as I continue my training and my teaching. 
Your warm welcome and the all-round supportive environment made me at home from very early on, as did the friendly and open attitude of all the students. In particular, Students were very accommodating and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them, if only briefly.
I wish you and your students all the very best for the future.
Thanks again,

Parent Feedback

Each term we meet new parents and students. We work closely with parents and students. It is lovely to get feedback from parents.


I also want to thank you and everyone at Kingsway for everything you have done for x

I see in him a change of attitude towards adults. He seems to trust all of you very much and he's going to miss you all, he was never this trustworthy of his teachers and staff before.

He has learnt a lot at Kingsway mostly about trusting people and choosing to behave appropriately in every situation even if difficult.

I have seen his confidence and self esteem grow because of the way he was treated in Kingsway.

He is a happier boy now and I can't thank you all enough for all you have done for him.

Past Student Feedback

We recently welcomed back some past students to attend a staff members retirement celebration. The young people were nervous about returning but keen to leave messages for current students.

x student came for a visit prior to the planned visit and gave us lots of information about how he was doing.......

I moved area before I completed my college course so I didn't get any proper qualifications from that. Now I am an apprentice at a Leisure  Centre, I am a lifeguard there too. I have to do all the jobs, cleaning, fixing stuff and dealing with customers. I get on well with my manager.

I got my driving license and drove here today (90 mile round trip)

Basically - you just have to get on with it, you can't just wish for it you have to work for it.

​I'm leaving my current job today, (in retail). I'm going on to a job for a major timber company starting tomorrow.


​y student is joining the armed forces. He recounted how the Military Preparation College sourced by the Short Stay School was 'the making of me'. I got GCSEs in English and Maths. I was going to 'join up' but I failed the sight test. They kept chasing me to get it sorted out, because they really wanted me. So I did, I've got a start date for September.