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School Referral Information

Referrals for the Early Intervention Programme are made via the Head Teacher. (The closing date for referrals from schools is always the Friday after half term.)
Learners who are permanently excluded, or have met the criteria for permanent exclusion, from North West Surrey Schools will be placed in the Kingsway Centre. 
Referrals to other intervention programmes are discussed with the school, HT, LA, Behaviour and Attendance Partnerships and IYFAPs in each area.
The NWSSSS operational guidance document provides information about referral processes and Emergency Planned Placements.
All schools are provided with a personalised referral form at the beginning of the school year. There is a single form for all referrals.
When a learner in a mainstream school has met the criteria for permanent exclusion an Emergency Planned Place may be offered at the NWSSSS.