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Outcomes for Students

Outcomes at North West Surrey Short Stay School


We strongly believe that students need to develop resilience and skills to manage their own behaviour, in order to ensure enduring success.


For each student there is a unique pathway, with each learner having their own starting point and their own journey; comparisons are difficult as backgrounds and starting points vary.


Achievement is measured from different starting points for individuals and success takes many different forms.


It is vital that each learner is equipped for the next stage of their education.


Our expectation of all students at North West Surrey Short Stay School


  • Students who attend for an intervention programme and return to mainstream able to apply the strategies and never needing to return to NWSSSS.
  • Students who attend or have attended programmes can always conduct themselves in a way, which will enable them to take an active and functioning role in society in the future.
  • Students who achieve the maximum targeted academic outcomes.
  • For Y11 students, a secure post 16 pathway which is sustained for more than 1 term.
  • Students who are aware of their ability to make behaviour choices and are able to apply these with decreasing amount of support over time.

These documents provide information on the progression pathways of students who left our school in Y11. We track this information through personal contact and our work with other agencies.