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Parents and Carers

Supporting Families

Parents, grandparents, siblings, extended family members and other carers can all play a vital role in supporting learners.


We realise sometimes families need support too. From time to time we run courses for parents/carers and extended families. We also hold  progress review meetings, which  provide an opportunity for further discussions.


Parents, carers and those with parental responsibility are always welcome to phone or email staff in the school. Please let the school know if you need additional copies of reports or other information, or if you would like copies of these posted to an additional address.


Truancy call

Truancy call is the system we use to contact parents if a child does not arrive in school. 

North West Surrey Short Stay School uses automatic communication system that will contact you directly if your child is marked late or absent at registration. This will ensure that the reason for the absence is known as soon as possible and alert you if your child is not in school when they should be. 

You will have already supplied school with contact telephone numbers when your child started at the school but you may prefer to update these and where applicable include mobile and work numbers.

If your home, mobile or works telephone number has changed recently please provide your new numbers. You may also supply an e-mail address for us to contact you on. Please note, these numbers should be contact numbers for parents, step-parents, foster parents only. 

By using this service, our school is able to reassure you that we are meeting the Governments recommendations in contacting you on the first day of your child's absence. It will also provide an early warning system should your child go missing from school. As always your child's safety is our main concern. 

Additional Information

Please take a look at the Community/Useful Links page to see a wide range of links to websites with information, support and advice.