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Restorative Practice


Restorative practice is embedded into the fabric of our school.  We use it with staff and students as part of our  daily work.

Our practice has been recognised by Surrey County Council Restorative Practice Lead Professionals, Chris Stevens and Carmel Ring.


Staff are often asked to present to a range of audiences, teachers and school staff, LA officers, and other groups.

The videos below give you a flavour of how our restorative approach keep the learner at the heart of our work and ensure we work with young people to help them to learn from mistakes, to self regulate and develop safe relationships with others.

A restorative approach in practice - repairing harm

North West Surrey Short Stay School Inclusion Manager, Rachel, describes an incident involving the misuse of paint by young people, and how the harm was repaired using a restorative approach.

Links to other films


We have contributed to the SCC restorative practice and have 10 films to tell our story.

The hyperlinks are all below. Each film lasts approximately 1-3 minutes.


Play list page - watch all our films in order via this link.


Or you can choose the title you are interested in from the list below.


1 - Taking a restorative approach


2 - Taking a restorative approach - head teachers perspective


3 - A restorative approach in practice - using creative solutions


4 - A restorative approach in practice - repairing harm


5 - What a restorative approach looks like


6 - Sharing a restorative approach with parents


7 - A restorative team


8 - Letting things play out and learning from it


9 - A reflective team


10 - Why be restorative