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Statutory and SEN Information

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DFE registration records the main site for official communications is the Kingsway Centre.  Parents and carers are encouraged to contact the site which their child attends for day to day communications.





Places at the Short Stay School are allocated on a needs basis. Referrals are accepted from the mainstream partner schools and the Local Authority.
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Ethos and Values

A key value for our school is partnership. We are partners with the learners, families, local schools, LA, health care practitioners, police and emergency services, and each other. By working together we are able to create strong and honest relationships which support learners on their journey.


The Short Stay School is committed to supporting learners and schools in a way which enables learners to maintain a place at a local school. We work relentlessly to support young people to develop self regulation and coping strategies so that they are better able to manage in a mainstream setting.


We recognise learners have a broad range of learning and friendship opportunities in mainstream schools. In addition to the excellent classroom, arts and sporting facilities of our local schools, we recognise 'life is mainstream'.


Learners are encouraged to develop their own skills so that they can go on to make a worth while contribution to the community in which they live.