North West Surrey

Short Stay School

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All staff at the short stay school receive regular training for safeguarding.


Mrs Jo Ashworth   Head of North West Surrey Short Stay School
Ms Annette Kenney  Deputy Head 
Mr Justin Lee  Assistant Head
Ms Anna Haynes  Teacher (part time)
Mrs Jo Stewart     Teacher
Mrs Rachel Lowe  Teacher (part time)
Mr Vince Garner  Teacher
Mrs Rachel Ferguson Teacher (part time)
Mrs Rachel Samuels  Centre  Mananger 
Mrs Val Wakefield  Mentor
Ms Nicolette Quigley Mentor

Mrs Christina Roberts

 Mentor (part time)
Ms Emma Squibb Mentor (part time)
Miss Eilish Wade Teaching assistant
Miss Tiffany Birchard  Teaching assistant 
Mrs Dawn Jones   Teaching assistant 
Mr Adrian Lecocq  Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Jan Davies  Higher Level Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Sandra Carr  School business manager
Mrs Linda Horne  Senior school administrator
Miss Andrea Mercer  School administrator and Clerk to   Management Committee