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Kingsway Centre

North West Surrey Short Stay School

Kingsway Centre

45 Kingsway



GU21 6NT


Tel: 01483 728474


About the Kingsway Centre
Welcome to the Kingsway Centre. 
The Kingsway Centre has 3 main buildings. The first has recently been remodelled and houses administrative staff, private meeting room and staffroom. The second building has 3 main classrooms and a newly refurbished art room. There is also a quiet room which is used as a 'calming space'. All classrooms have Interactive White Boards and access to computers. The third building has a kitchen area and a recreation room.
There is a small outdoor area which has been adapted to provide gardens and some outdoor activity space including an all weather fitness suite and a netted tarmac area suitable for ball games.
Parking at Kingsway is limited. If the car park is full please park on the road. You will need a ‘voucher’ before 11.30am.